Aqaba Oil Terminal Rehabilitation Project


Aqaba - Jordan, Middle East


Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC) commissioned Dar to provide project management services for the Aqaba Oil Terminal Rehabilitation Project. We also served as employer representative for an EPCT contract based on the FIDIC conditions of contract for the ADC of Jordan.

The project

We upgraded the oil jetty and berth facilities to allow safe berthing operations around the clock for the full range of tanker sizes. We also implemented the following in order to rehabilitate the project:

  • Rehabilitation of the terminal piping system
  • Supply, installation and testing of the new piping system
  • Rehabilitation of the existing loading arms to enable the jetty to handle crude oil, refined products, LPG and miscellaneous Chemical liquids

  • Installation of a pump station for the pumping of the different products up to the tank farm
  • Substation building for power distribution
  • Extension of the main platform and provision of an anti-spillage system


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