Who we are

We are Dar. We work together with our people to build the future.

At Dar, we provide planning, design, management and consultancy for the world’s most important and exciting projects. Together with our team of experts, we embrace challenges to empower our communities. In suburbs and city centers, deserts and metropolitan areas, war zones and sacred shrines, our projects shape our people’s lives.

With our team of 7,860 staff members, we operate in 47 offices in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Our five principal design centers are located in Beirut, Cairo, London, Pune, and Amman.

And in everything, we seek progress for our communities.

Our History

Who we are

How We Work

At Dar, we speak the languages of our clients and peoples.

Our understanding of our clients’ and cultures’ social, political and economic contexts shapes our endeavors. We know how to closely and carefully listen to their needs in some of the world’s most spoken tongues.

Having worked with more than 950 clients from over 63 countries, we know that long-lasting individual relationships are what matter. Individual relationships are our foundations of the future.

Nothing is difficult that cannot be accomplished given sufficient imagination, commitment and determination.

Kamal A. Shair
Founder of Dar Al-Handasah

Our Impact

By combining our understanding of the local with our global expertise, we provide solutions for our communities which are enduring.

In the Middle East and Africa, our projects have helped people to thrive both socially and economically. In Saudi Arabia, we helped build the world’s largest all-woman university. The 60,000 undergraduate students attending Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University will forge Saudi Arabia’s brighter future. Our expansion of the great Suez Canal in Africa will usher Egypt’s economy into a new era of global trade. And in Angola, our water, parliamentary and electricity projects have helped the country rise after decades of civil strife.

Through these-and thousands of other projects, we participate actively in the development of our societies.

About The Company

Dar is the founding company of the Dar Group, an international consortium of professional service firms. Through its 17,670 staff members, Dar Group assists clients in over 100 countries around the world. Dedicated to planning, designing, engineering, and project managing facilities, installations and structures, Dar Group further contributes to the sustainable advance of communities worldwide.

Dar Group Members: