Who we are

Dar is one of the world’s leading consultancies, providing design, planning, engineering, sustainability consulting, digital solutions and services, and project management for buildings, cities, transportation, civil infrastructure, water and the environment.

We are a global community of talented and innovative engineers, planners, economists, architects, sustainability specialists, digital experts, designers, project management specialists, construction management professionals, and multidisciplinary experts. Together, we take on the world’s most exciting and ambitious projects in order to nurture sustainable development, empower and connect communities, create more and better opportunities, and enhance lives.

Dar has over 9,000 professionals in 54 offices across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Collectively, our teams have delivered over 4,500 projects, worth more than US$540 billion, for more than 950 clients around the world.

Our History

Who we are

How we work

Our teams draw on values such as technical excellence, courage, responsibility, connectivity, empowerment and drive to deliver exceptional value for our clients and our communities. Across regions, the key to our success has been our ability to establish a deep-rooted presence in the countries and communities we serve – relying on our local staff to take the lead, engaging with our local communities, providing capacity-building programs to transfer our international expertise, and committing to a long-term and impactful presence in each of our host communities.

Nothing is difficult that cannot be accomplished given sufficient imagination, commitment and determination.

Kamal A. Shair
Founder of Dar Al-Handasah

Our impact

From designing infrastructure for Europe’s most ambitious new airport and supporting the largest renewable energy intervention program in Sub-Saharan Africa to delivering the world’s largest university for women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dar supports clients on strategic and transformational projects that empower people, enhance communities, drive growth, and accelerate sustainable development. 

Our global network

Dar is the founding member of Sidara, a global collective of the world’s brightest and best planners, designers, engineers, and consultants who have come together on a shared mission: to advocate for the world as we would for our own home.

For us, that means taking on projects with courage and resilience, bravely setting up a home where others won’t go, intertwining ourselves with the communities we create for, and navigating immense complexity and ambiguity to empower our clients, craft solutions for the world’s most critical challenges, and deliver projects that elevate how people live, connect communities, and inspire global impact, all while showcasing and honoring the unique cultures we serve.

Dar and its sister companies under the Sidara Collaborative can offer a broad and integrated range of highly specialised and world-class services—from architecture and design, engineering, and project management to digital strategy, sustainability consulting, and energy innovation. Our capabilities empower clients to deliver complex, multidisciplinary projects that accelerate long-term human, social, and ecological advancement. And, for us, how we do what we do is just as important as what we do. That’s why our identity is rooted in advocating for humanity, elevating sustainability, and embracing digital innovation, as we design for a world that is as caring and as welcoming – for everyone – as home.

Together, we have the technical excellence, imagination, commitment, drive, and resilience to be the consultant of choice on the projects that will help define the future of our world.

Sidara’s pillar firms include: