Understanding the Hidden Environmental Impact of Data Centres

Understanding the Hidden Environmental Impact of Data Centres



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In a pioneering collaborative effort, Dar Group’s leading consortium of companies—namely Introba, Currie & Brown, Dar, and Silman (a TYLin Company) — has delved into an exploration of the environmental footprint of data centres, headed by lead author Kanika Arora Sharma of Introba.

This ground-breaking study, recently unveiled on Introba’s influential thought leadership platform, “Impact Fund,” advocates for a sustainable future in data infrastructure. Aptly titled “Hidden Emissions of the Cloud: Examining Embodied Carbon and Cost Impacts of Data Centre Cooling Technologies,” the report highlights the often-overlooked impact of embodied emissions inherent to data centre development, operation and maintenance, offering insights into innovative solutions aimed at mitigating these impacts.  

Introba’s “Impact Fund” represents a cutting-edge initiative, driven by a vision to reshape the world through impactful thought leadership and transformative endeavours focused on sustainability and digital innovation.

The report confronts the pressing environmental concerns surrounding data centre development and operation, emphasising the pivotal role of design choices in shaping the sustainability of these critical components of ICT infrastructure. With a focus on scope 3 emissions, the study reveals that 75-99% of the total carbon footprint of data centres is attributed to indirect greenhouse gas emissions, including those from the manufacturing, transportation, and end-user utilisation of equipment. By underscoring the necessity to optimise embodied carbon emissions, particularly in Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) equipment, the report advocates for a comprehensive approach to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of data centres across their entire life cycle.

Explore how reducing embodied carbon emissions from data centres can pave the way for a greener digital future. Read the full report here: 

Dar Group brings together some of the industry’s most recognisable brands dedicated to achieving our clients’ ambitions and supporting sustainable communities worldwide. With combined multidisciplinary expertise, Introba, Dar, TYLin, and Currie & Brown offer the entire spectrum of services required to implement reliable, flexible and efficient data centres for our clients across various sectors. From conducting detailed assessments, planning and designing state-of-the-art data facilities, to efficiently managing and supervising their construction, the four Dar Group companies offer a comprehensive package for the sustainable design of data centres.