The United Kingdom’s Morocco Investment Forum – Driving investments for transformational building and infrastructure projects in Morocco

The United Kingdom’s Morocco Investment Forum – Driving investments for transformational building and infrastructure projects in Morocco


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As part of the Africa Debate Program, the Embassy to the Kingdom of Morocco in the United Kingdom  and Invest Africa are organising the Morocco Investment Forum, taking place on June 5th (14:00 – 17:00 PM) London. This exceptional summit will offer a platform for the Moroccan ministerial delegation to present their country’s key investment opportunities and business potential. The objective is to drive investments for strategic projects that will add exceptional value to communities across Morocco, while encouraging deeper collaboration between the UK and Morocco. With its commitment to supporting our communities around the world in securing investments and funding for key sustainable development projects, Dar is a proud sponsor of the Morocco Investment Forum.

A global partnership driving investment for sustainable development projects across Africa

The event will bring together public and private stakeholders including leading investment agencies and coordination parties. Invest Africa, one of the event’s organisers, is a leading business and investment platform with over sixty years of experience in Africa. With a global footprint of over 400 member companies── comprising multinationals, private equity firms, institutional investors, development finance institutions, professional service organisations, and government bodies and entrepreneurs── and chapters in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United States, South Africa, and East Africa, Invest Africa is a trusted entry point into Africa that supports and connects businesses and investment through membership, a dynamic events programme, and other services.

Dar has previously partnered with Invest Africa on two events which were held at 150 Holborn in London. On March 4th, 2024, Dar hosted a workshop for the UK Department for Business and Trade in Africa, under the theme of closing Africa’s infrastructure financing gap. This workshop brought together UK government officials, infrastructure EPC contractors working in Africa, and representatives of international financing organisations to discuss infrastructure projects that bring value to communities in Africa. Moreover, on February 13th, Dar celebrated over 55 years of delivering high-impact projects in Africa. Many African government officials and global leaders attended this summit to support ideas and projects that contribute to the sustainable development for countries across Africa. Dar’s support and sponsorship of the Morocco Investment Forum extends this partnership, which strives to generate value for communities across Africa.

A promising and ambitious market – with a vision for the FIFA World Cup 2030

Morocco is one of Africa’s most promising and ambitious markets. Its strategic location at the crossroads of Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, combined with its long-term stability and commitment to fostering a conducive business climate, make the North African nation a great investment destination. During the Morocco Investment Forum, upcoming investment opportunities in various sectors ── including renewable energy, telecoms, automotives, and manufacturing ── will be highlighted, reinforcing Morocco’s status as an ideal gateway to the broader African marketplace.

At the Morocco Investment Forum, opening speeches by Moroccan and UK government representatives will mark the official start of the forum. The agenda will also include several panel discussions covering topics such as energy innovation, connectivity across Africa and the world, infrastructure, and finance. Dar’s managing partner for the United Kingdom, Daniel Horner will participate in the “Infrastructures and Connectivity: Road to the World Cup and Beyond” panel (15:45 PM), during which he will be discussing strategic initiatives launched by the Kingdom and the future projects in multiple sectors that represent concrete opportunities for British and international investors, especially with Morocco hosting the World Cup in 2030. These projects aim to enhance infrastructure, tourism, transportation network, and accommodation facilities in preparation for the event, but also with implications for the future development of Morocco.

Dar has had a significant presence in Africa for over 55 years, with 24 offices in 19 countries. Throughout the decades, Dar participated in over 1,000 projects to support the sustainable development of African countries. In Morocco, more specifically, Dar has been operating since 1977, with offices in Casablanca and Rabat. There, our company has contributed to over thirty projects, most notably, by preparing engineering studies and design for strategic projects like the Nigeria to Morocco Gas Pipeline (NMGP); preparing master plans for Tetouan, Nador, and Al Hoceima; supporting the development of rural water supply facilities for 400 villages; and supporting numerous other projects across the country.

Dar remains committed to connecting investors with innovative projects that can help drive sustainable development and growth for communities in Morocco and across Africa. Through strategic partnerships and high-impact projects, Dar continuously aims to improve infrastructure, foster economic development, and support communities to ensure a better future for the generations to come.