The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s EXPO 2020 Pavilion Wins the UAE Innovation Award for “Best Innovation That Drives Mobility”

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s EXPO 2020 Pavilion Wins the UAE Innovation Award for “Best Innovation That Drives Mobility”


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Middle East


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s EXPO 2020 Pavilion in Dubai, UAE, has been awarded the prestigious UAE Innovation Award for “Best Innovation That Drives Mobility.” The award recognises the Pavilion’s outstanding inclined elevators, a feat that sets it apart in the realm of innovative architecture and mobility solutions.

Inspired by the theme “the sky is the limit,” the Pavilion’s iconic design, featuring an inclined prism, reflects the Kingdom’s welcoming spirit and rich history. This extraordinary structure, aligned with the Expo 2020 theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future,” posed a unique challenge for accessibility, requiring innovative solutions for its inclined elevator design.

When faced with the need for an unconventional design that rendered traditional vertical elevators impractical, Dar – who was tasked with preparing the detailed design for the project – was brought in to address the challenge.

Saudi Aramco, the client, had entrusted Boris Micka Associates (BMA) with the concept design. ALEC Engineering & Contracting, chosen as the main contractor, then subcontracted TK Elevator (TKE) Dubai for conveyance equipment, including elevators and escalators. The collaboration extended further as Dar and ALEC linked TKE with Hill Hiker to provide the innovative inclined elevators.

Hill Hiker, in collaboration with VAA Engineering, played a pivotal role in crafting an accessible inclined elevator that seamlessly integrated with the Pavilion’s unique design. The Elevator World Magazine article, “KSA EXPO 2020 Pavilion: Inclined Lifts,” delves into the intricate processes and challenges faced by Hill Hiker, TK Elevator, and VAA Engineering in achieving the seemingly impossible feat of installing an elevator within the Pavilion.

Dar’s involvement extended beyond mere design preparation; the company was entrusted with positioning the elevator within the Pavilion, ensuring its safety and effective integration with the building’s utility systems. Dar was also responsible for ensuring the building achieved LEED Platinum sustainability criteria and providing ongoing assistance during the construction phase.

The narrative of this award-winning project exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation. It underscores the remarkable achievements made possible when the world’s brightest come together to solve intricate design challenges. As the Pavilion proudly stands, the award serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities when industry leaders join forces—truly proving that, in the realm of innovation, the sky is the limit.