Inauguration of Mumbai Trans Harbour Link: India’s Longest Sea Bridge Now Open to the Public

Inauguration of Mumbai Trans Harbour Link: India’s Longest Sea Bridge Now Open to the Public


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A ground-breaking new sea link – the biggest in India – the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL or Atal Setu) was inaugurated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 12 January 2024.

Spanning an impressive 21.8 km, with a substantial 16.5 km stretching over the sea, the bridge serves as a vital link connecting Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Initiated by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) and funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), this long-awaited sea link addresses challenges resulting from the rapid expansion of Navi Mumbai. It is expected to cut down travel time to 25 minutes from the original 1 hour and 45 minutes that it took to go from Navi Mumbai to the centre of the city.

The MMRDA estimates that 70,000 vehicles will use the bridge every day, and it is currently being developed at an estimated cost of three billion USD. The general consultancy services contract was awarded to a consortium consisting of Dar, AECOM Asia, PADECO, and TYLin, collectively overseeing critical aspects of the MTHL project. As part of this consortium, Dar provided design review and site supervision services for the project.

The project site includes a mangrove habitat and the Sewri mudflats that are home to 150 species of birds, including flamingos and migratory birds. The bridge’s design places environmental conservation at its forefront, featuring noise and vision barriers to protect local wildlife and sensitive areas. Dar ensured that the construction was in strict conformity with project procedures and industry standards, including the quality assurance plan, safety plan, and environmental management plan.

The MTHL also integrates state-of-the-art elements, such as automated toll collection and intelligent transport systems. Particularly noteworthy is the introduction of orthotropic steel deck spans, a first in India. This innovation enables longer spans without requiring support pillars that could potentially obstruct crucial shipping routes.

The inauguration of the MTHL signifies a new era for Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, underscoring the nation’s commitment to transformative infrastructure and sustainable development.