Iconic Tower Tops Out as Africa’s Tallest Skyscraper

Iconic Tower Tops Out as Africa’s Tallest Skyscraper



On Thursday 17th, the concrete structure of the Iconic Tower in Egypt’s New Administrative Capital was completed officially and on schedule, topping out as the tallest skyscraper not just in Egypt but in all of Africa.

The historic ceremony was attended by the Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities His Excellency Assem El Gazzar, who thanked Dar and the China State Construction Engineering Corporation for delivering the key landmark.

The Iconic Tower is set in the Central Business District, an international business and financial centre which, once completed, is set to become one of the New Administrative Capital’s most iconic and internationally recognisable districts, with landmark high-rise towers that will serve as a symbol of Egypt’s cultural and economic progress.

The crown jewel among 18 skyscrapers that characterise the Central Business District, the 385-metre-high 80-floor Iconic Tower was designed by Dar and its sister company Perkins&Will. Simply stated and elegantly proportioned with refined details, the tower will convey a sense of strength and stability.  It integrates mixed-use spaces and has facilities for hospitality, commerce, sightseeing, and other functions.

Dar is providing detailed design, construction supervision, and project management services for the Iconic Tower and the Central Business District, as part of its wider commitment to helping deliver the Egypt’s New Administrative Capital.

The New Administrative Capital is a once-in-a-generation enterprise that aims to alleviate Greater Cairo’s increasing densification and establish a new growth hub for future generations. By the time the project reaches completion in 2050, an estimated resident population of 6.5 million people will live in 21 newly constructed residential districts, each of which will be centred on sustainable landscapes, community facilities, and a diverse range of accommodation types — all aimed at providing a high standard of living for the typical Egyptian family. The New Administrative Capital is also projected to generate and accommodate over 2 million synergistic job opportunities for all income-levels and cultures, particularly the country’s growing youth population.