A story of resilience: Dar supports the renovation of Amahoro Stadium

A story of resilience: Dar supports the renovation of Amahoro Stadium


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Rwanda’s renowned Amahoro Stadium is set to be inaugurated once again on July 4, 2024 – after an extensive renovation venture, launched in 2022, transformed the historic stadium into a world-class venue, capable of hosting global sporting events. The renovated stadium has received approval from the Confederation of African Football (CAF), certifying that it now meets international standards, including those required to host FIFA matches.

With a name that means ‘peace’ in Kinyarwanda, the Amahoro Stadium has played an important role in Rwanda’s history. Shortly after the completion of its construction in 1989, a civil war erupted in the country, marking the start of a devastating period. In 1993, the stadium was chosen as the headquarters of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR). This venue also provided shelter for thousands of internally displaced Tutsis during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis. Against such a historic backdrop, the renovation of the stadium has been celebrated as proof of Rwanda’s resilience and commitment to creating a better tomorrow.

The renovation project has raised the capacity of Amahoro Stadium from 25,000 to 45,000 seats. The upgraded facility now has a circumference of 800 metres and a length of 30 metres, with five levels of infrastructure. It features both football and rugby pitches that meet international dimensions, as well as a modern athletics track. In addition to the upgraded sports facilities, the Amahoro Stadium includes shops, restaurants, and bars, ensuring it remains vibrant even if there were no sports-related events on a given day.

The project also boosted the local economy by employing an average of 90% local citizens and supporting local businesses.

Dar is proud to have contributed to this exceptional new project, by providing design review services for the architecture, interior design, and fire and life safety measures for the Amahoro Stadium.  Dar’s scope also included ensuring that the overall layout of the stadium complies with FIFA requirements. Soon, the Amahoro Stadium will stand next to the BK Arena, ready to host major events.

 With two main offices in Nyamata and Kigali, Dar is dedicated to assisting in Rwanda’s sustainable development. From designing and supervising the construction of the new Kigali International Airport to developing the national transport masterplan, Dar is honoured to be supporting Rwanda’s ongoing recovery, growth, and development.

The inauguration of the improved Amahoro stadium marks the start of a new era for Rwanda’s sports scene. With the enhanced facilities and increased capacity, the stadium is ready to host major national and international events. Dar remains dedicated to contributing to Rwanda’s growth, by employing its services to support the nation’s aspirations.